Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Sometimes I get jealous of people who have real lives and work 9-5 jobs with weekends and holidays free.

And then people like chef elaine sikorski remind me of why I'm here and why I'm training myself to be a discipline cooking machine. And I am no longer jealous.

Thank you chef for inspiring me to keep pushing.

Monday, January 5, 2009


When people ask me what I do for a living I generally answer "I work in a restaurant"

The most common response I get is "oh so you're a waitress/server?"

Then, when I say "no, I'm a cook" people always look SHOCKED and I get the following comment.

"You cook??? But you're so girly!!"

OR I get "oh you do pastries?"

What does that even mean???

Just cuz I'm a chick I'm a pastry cook???

Is that supposed to be a compliment???

I can't cook if I'm "pretty" or "girly"???

Isn't this 2009???

Yes I am a woman. Yes I cook professionally. Yes I enjoy wearing mascara, skirts, and heels. Yes, I love a good pedicure now and then. I also swear like a sailor and butcher dead animals.

I am a woman and I am a cook.
And no, not a pastry cook.

Friday, January 2, 2009

new year's resolution & other things

Most people do their major house cleaning in the spring but I decided to do it today. Why? Because its the first day of the year, I was off work and I want a fresh start for 2009.

So, I started in my closet. I shifted clothes around - putting away some sundresses I am clearly not going to be wearing anytime soon and pulling some sweaters out of storage.

I also made a pretty sizable pile of clothes and shoes to get rid of. I went through my jewelry and got rid of stuff I never wear. I purged my bookcase and just generally got rid of any junk I've accumulated during my year living in my apartment.

In cleaning I realized two things. One of which led me to my resolution.

First, I don't think women can make it through one christmas, or birthday or any occasion where gifts are involved without SOMEONE BUYING YOU LOTION. I had a mountain of different scented lotions hiding in my bedside table. Its insane. If I used all this lotion I think my skin would be so smooth all my clothes would slide off. I will never go through all this lotion! I picked through and tossed out some I knew were never getting opened...chocolate scented lotion!? Seriously, I don't want to smell like baked goods. I work around food all day as it is. Anyways maybe I should have resolved to use more lotion. But I didn't.

My real resolution is this: to make my apartment feel more like home over the next year.

I've been in this apartment one year and one month now and I realized today I haven't done a whole lot to make it "mine"

I have nothing hanging on the walls except for a couple family photos in the living room. I have huge expanses of beige walls looking sad and lonely in my bedroom and living room.

I have no curtains - just the crappy mini blinds that came with the place. And until today I had no comforter for my bed. When I first moved in I bought a beautiful queen size bed from a friend who was moving to san diego. But I never bought a comforter. For christmas my mom got me new sheets and a quilt so I felt the urge to finally get a comforter. Its amazing how nice it makes my bedroom look. Minus that whole white walls thing.

I also do not have a couch or a chair or any livingroom furniture.

Yes, I'm serious.

For the first few weeks I moved in I just sat on the floor and watched my dorm sized tv. But, after buying my new bed I moved my twin size bed into my livingroom as a makeshift couch.

It was only supposed to be temporary but hey its kinda comfy to lay on a bed and watch tv in the livingroom. Oh, and my dorm size tv was also replaced by my awesome parents as I now have a big tv!

The only room that's really complete is my kitchen (imagine that). I have a great dining table, placemats and napkins that I love, tons of stuff to cook with, eat off of, and drink out of, more aprons than I'll ever actually wear...etc etc

So anyway, I decided that in 2009 I want to make my house a home. I'm probably going to be living here for awhile so I should make it more comfy even if I'm not here that often. So, I resolve to:

1)buy a couch/furniture for my livingroom
2)get some curtains
3)hang some things on the walls
And just generally do things that will make the time I do spend at home more cozy.

I'm giving myself the whole year to do this...I'm hoping its easier than losing 20lbs haha.

What's your resolution?