Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big News

It seems that lately all I ever write about are changes... here's another one

This is not a blog I ever imagined writing. I think I've taken about a thousand deep breaths and I'm still not sure exactly how to say what needs to be said. But, here it goes.

Presidents are limited to serving 8 years in office & this girl is apparently limited to serving only 2 terms in Chicago. I am quickly approaching my 8th year here and I'm feeling my heart pulled in a new direction.

With that said, I'm leaving Chicago in the near future.

Sometimes you feel things in your heart that you cannot ignore. And this is one of those times. I know I can be impulsive but my crazy decisions in the past have led me to this beautiful life I now have.

So, what do I feel? Strangely... its the pull back home.

That is not something I ever, ever thought I would feel. But, as I get older reality has set in & money starts to matter & family is missed & opportunities present themselves.

My mom's involvement in the new Main Street Market gives me an opportunity to pursue both of my passions - growing & cooking food. I'm hoping to be able to help her sell some great produce, maybe some canned items, and I'd really like to foray into handmade pastas & maybe even some artisan ice cream.

I've had the opportunity to teach some cooking classes here in the city & find it incredibly rewarding. I'm hoping to be embraced by my hometown & I'd love to teach there as well.

My head is overflowing with ideas on how I can bring my culinary passions to Richland County. I want to share what I've learned with my community.

Ultimately, I'd love to open a small restaurant in Olney. I have no illusions that this will happen over night but that is my big picture goal and what I'm striving towards. To feed my community would feed my soul. I envision this quaint little place where people feel like they're coming to their grandma's house to eat. Good art, great music, amazing food.

So, last night I put in my notice at the amazing restaurant where I work in the city. Lula has given me such fantastic opportunity and I am proud to say I've worked there. I've also witnessed a writer & a musician transform into restaurateurs at one of the best little spots in the city. The owners give me hope that one day my own dream will come true.

I will be working for another 3-4 weeks at Lula. After that I will be teaching classes & doing some other work until I make the big move at the end of MAY

I'm hoping to come down a few times before then and get reacquainted so hopefully I can see some of you before I become a familiar face around town again.   

In all of this I have to mention my amazing family who have been so supportive of my impulse. They blow my mind with their greatness everyday. I love you.

And Jared, you are incredible. Thank you for supporting me, listening to my crazy, loving me and encouraging me. I would not be doing this without you.  

To my Chicago friends who have become like family to me (ok i'm crying now) I cannot imagine life without you guys. You've made me, me. These 8 years have been incredible. This city is forever a part of me. It truly is home & I'm scared to death to return to the middle of nowhere. You all are pieces of me and I thank you for supporting my dream even if it means leaving. I want to see each and every one of you before I go. I love love love love love you all and I would not be where I am today without each of you.

I cannot wait for some sunsets like this one - last memorial day in my parent's back yard 

So, here's to hoping there is room for a democrat cubs fan in Southern Illinois. Wish me luck.


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